Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Open Letter to Ann Coulter

Ann – this is regarding your tweet last night, your commentary on the last Presidential debate. This is regarding your incredibly thoughtless and unbelievably hurtful use of the word "retard."

Is this the state of political discourse in American politics today? In effort to insult the President, you opt for a word, “retard,” that denigrates millions of Americans with cognitive impairment (this is the “new” phrase for intelligent, compassionate people everywhere to describe those with mental challenges). You insulted those with mental illness, developmental delays, autism, Down Syndrome, and countless other syndromes, disabilities and disorders. You showed your ignorance – an astounding level of ignorance, really – lack of compassion and understanding, your willingness to stoop to any level to score political points regardless of whose you hurt, and your hateful heart.

Long has been my personal belief that those who proclaim themselves “Pro-Life” stop caring about those lives the minute they are breathing air. You certainly confirmed that opinion last night. In one breath you will talk about “taking the country back” and fixing America. And then you drop the “R” word. That is not a platform, or philosophy, that I support. Hate is NOT a talking point. Hurting millions of defenseless, bullied and special people – and those who love them – is not the optimal way to bring potential voters to your side.

Photo by Seth Jacobson Photography
I demand an apology. My son – my beautiful and loving, cognitively impaired, autistic, behaviorally and emotionally challenged son – deserves an apology. His life is going to be tough enough without people who have air time insulting him and discretely giving all those who believe and vote the way you do permission to use the “R” word as an insult. AMERICA deserves an apology for you taking discourse down this low. For comparing the President to a cognitively impaired person who needs to be spoken calmly and softly too, metaphorically patting him on the head.

I call for all politicians, talking heads, and pundits to denounce you and your hate. I call for all politicians to get their heads – and hearts – back in the game. This has gone far enough. This has gone low enough.

And, Ann, if you need help figuring out how to properly throw an insult, come find me. I’ll be happy to give you a lesson. 

-Kelly Hafer