Friday, January 11, 2013

Going Deep, Deep Underground

We feel like we owe you an explanation.

First, let’s be honest. Autism Underground was a somewhat selfish undertaking. It allowed us to vent and discuss issues that we may not have been super-comfortable addressing (for varying reasons) on our own blogs. That is true. But the catalyst was an anonymous comment submitted on one of our blogs, and the resulting discussion.

See, the blogging/facebooking/twittering autism community, sadly, can be quite divisive. When we work together, cool things happen like Autism Positivity and Autism Shines. However, we also can find ourselves at odds with ourselves, as we try to reconcile our different worldviews on autism.

Autism Underground is meant as a safe place to share snapshots of the emotional parenting journey unique to the autism (and special needs) community.

In the beginning, we had a lot to say – sometimes even twice in one day. Some of these stories must have been bubbling up inside of us for years!

While we still have stories to share, we struggle to find the time, emotional courage, or even simply the motivation to keep posting.  Oh, we still might put something out there every once in a while, but we won’t be updating this site very frequently (obviously!).

However, we still believe in the concept. Autism Underground has connected us with inspiring, sometimes struggling parents who feel at home here. Some have even posted, and perhaps have no other place to participate in these types of discussions.

So the Underground will stay put, as long as we all agree that sometimes we might go deep, deep underground. We'll remain here for you to explore our thought-provoking posts of yore, or to submit to us your own burning stories. We hope you’ll continue to check back in occasionally, but do forgive us if we’ve been a little slack.

Meanwhile, while some of our writers have chosen to remain anonymous, a few of us have shared links to our own blogs (ahem!), and with a few clicks, you can find our blog rolls featuring a plethora of excellent blogs, resources and actual humans to support you along this journey.

In fact, all we really want to say can be summed up in these four words: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

P.S. SEND US YOUR POSTS: AutismUnderground@gmail.com